Company Overview
Company Overview

Founded in 1987, Lube USA, Inc. is located in Greenville, South Carolina. Lube USA is the North American subsidiary of Lube Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The product line of Lube Corporation plus their 50+ years of serving the lubrication systems industry lead to the perfect match between Lube USA and Lube Corporation. Since the merger, Lube USA has been serving the industries such as machine tool, plastic injection molding, packaging, metal stamping, food processing, wood working and automotive.

Today, the entire product line sold by Lube USA is manufactured at either of Lube Corporation's two manufacturing plants located in Japan; Ibaraki, which opened in 1964, and Nagano, which opened in 1989. Lube USA products are used wherever bearings, ball screws, conveyors, high-speed spindles and other mechanical parts must be centrally, automatically and precisely lubricated with oil or grease.

In 2018, Lube USA moved its headquarters to a new location and brand new state-of-the-art facility, located at 1075 Thousand Oaks Boulevard, in Greenville, South Carolina.

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