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Oil System Pressure Gauge

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Data Sheet
Oil System Pressure Gauges Data Sheet


A must for monitoring discharge pressure to keep pump in normal operation.



Accuracy ±3%F.S
Temperature range -5℃〜40℃
Material  Bourdon tube C6872T (10MPa以上C5191T)
Frame SPCC steel plate




・Pressure gauge
Model Part Number Pressure range (MPa) Thread Pin
PB-7 109166 0.7 R1/8 Available
PB-15 109167 1.5
PB-50 109161 5
PB-50B 109162
TAF-7 109154 0.7 M8×1 -
TAF-15 109155 1.5
TAF-50 209117 5 M10×10 Available
PB-35 209136 3.5 R1/8 Not available *
PB-35B 209137
・Pressure gauge Mounting plate
Model Part Number
PP 109102
※Not usable for PB-35 and PB-35B.

Directions for use

Use care not to drop or exert other strong impact.
Do not apply pressure beyond specified range.


Dimensional Drawing
Dimensional drawing