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Oil level switch

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Data Sheet
Oil Level Switch Data Sheet



Contact Type A Contact (NO) ON at low level
Contact capacity 0.5A,AC DC200V/30Wsmaller
Working temperature range -10〜80℃(limited to liquid nonfreezing condition)
Working liguid specific gravity 0.7over
Max. pressure 0.1MPa




Model Part Number Contact Type Specifications
W-105-02 109704 AContact Without terminal box Cord length 20cm
W-105-02 (B) 109705 BContact
W-105B 109706 AContact With terminal bo
W-105B (B) 109707 BContact


Model   terminal box
WL-100-U30BS 109221 -
WL-105-U32BS 109222
WL-120-U50BS 109223
WL-150-U35BS 109224
WL-150-U50BS 109225
WL-160-U80BS 109226
WL-190-U80BS 109227
WL-210-U50BS 109228
WTL-100-U30BS 109271
WTL-105-U32BS 109272
WTL-120-U50BS 109273
WTL-150-U35BS 109274
WTL-150-U50BS 109275
WTL-160-U80BS 109276
WTL-190-U80BS 109277
WTL-210-U50BS 109278
Other than the level switches listed above, customized level switches are made to order.

How To Order

● 1float
● 2float


Oil level switch Example
Oil level switch 使用例
Dimensional Drawing
ノズルAdapter Dimensional drawing

●Specifications description of A · B Contact
Reservoir There is oil in, and a state in which the reed switch of Oil level switch is away from the NO (normally open). With a reed switch float is rising Foot when the oil is no longer you and AContact a state that turned ON. Apart reed switch float is rising Foot when the oil is no longer you and BContact a state that turned OFF.