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Ludo Sensor

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Data Sheet
Ludo Sensor Data Sheet

Ludo Sensor Manual


For monitoring oil flows to lubrication points on tubing beyond metering valve in lubrication system.


Flow sensor Detection capacity Min. 1ml/min (working viscosity 65mm2/s)
Working Viscosity Range 65〜1300mm2/s
Lube Monitor Power/Voltage AC85〜246V
Power consumption 2W (Max)
Alarm output Contact capacity 0.5A Contact Output 1C
Detecting points 1 to 32 channels (in blocks of 8 channels)
Terminal BOX Connectable channels 8 channels
Connection Screw-in method




Description Cable Length (m)
IF-8CH 8 Channel Interface Card for Ludo Sensor -
LS-IF Ludo Sensor Inlet Filter -
LS-01 Ludo Sensor with No Cable -
LS-2M Ludo Sensor with Cable 2
LS-3M Ludo Sensor with Cable 3
LS-5M Ludo Sensor with Cable 5
LS-8M Ludo Sensor with Cable 8
LS-10M Ludo Sensor with Cable 10


Directions for use

See the instruction manual.


System layout

The sensor is installed from the metering valve on the lubrication system in the vicinity of the top end on the earlier of the oil supply pipe (near the refueling point),
To detect the flow of oil in there. State of the detection sensor cable detection signal from the sensor
Through the relay BOX · multi-core cable is displayed in the display unit of the monitor.

Flow sensor System layout
Flow sensor System layout
Dimensional Drawing
Flow sensor Dimensional drawing
Flow sensor Dimensional drawing
Flow sensor Dimensional drawing
Flow sensor Dimensional drawing